June 12th, 2008

boot hill

9315 - Thursday

Was a bit sicker in the am, but was feeling better by midday. It seems that mornings are the most difficult now, post sleep and shower. One day until Friday!

BHK and I went out to Thursday's for supper with Chris and Larry - took a walk on the boardwalk afterward. Nice night, only a couple of mosquitoes.

Today is Buddy's Wake - Adam's grandfather didn't make it, sadly.

More fruit from the blueberry plant! Had a little nibble on them with lunch today, in yogurt.

We also have eggplant blossoms, two peppers coming in nicely and tons of squash, bean and potato blossoms!

scribbls - a fun little doodle/game thing. (most faved is worth a peek) - I suspect that Kat will dig it, with that tablet!

Robert Downey Jr. says he gave up drugs
after Burger King served him "a cheeseburger so disgusting that it forced him to reassess his entire life." The burger was so nasty that he suddenly felt like something terrible was going to happen to him, so he threw all his drugs into the ocean and has been clean ever since.

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