June 13th, 2008

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9316 - Friday the 13th

Happy Birthday to Ldy, my littler big sis! she's ...what, 5 again this year?

I *still* have "froggy went a-coutrin', he did ride" in my head.

I must've done something dreadfully bad to deserve this. Great... now I have pet shop boys in my head.

"What have I done? What have I done? What have I done to deserve this?"

Looking forward to a weekend without feeling too ill.

Artomatic. Book Sale. Father's Day. Hive. Music by the beach? Gardening? Relaxing? A ride on the Trolley, maybe?

Am I forgetting something?

Maybe our Swarm of the Snakehead screener will arrive in time for a weekend viewing! (Writer Seth Hurwitz spotted my mention of it in my journal, and was kind enough to shoot us a review copy!)

BHK made a big salad from stuff at the farmers market - lots of yummy breads and other goodies, too. (Blueberry sun tea, some onion spread for the bread... it's just all very delicious) - our neighbor went early, and brought her some corn and strawberries, too.

Tons of fireflies out tonight! That made it feel especially summery.

After supper, we watched "I now pronounce you chuck and larry" - it was what I expected, cute.

Random Newtcam / Pyecam archive shots - (They shoudl really be called Officecam and loftcam, since both boys go on both cams all the time.)

note the windows - most ~ at 10pm, but lightning kept striking nearby.

additional kitty pictures added for archival purposes. first is another leap shot.

.pyecam (11.45 PM Jun 02, 2008).pyecam (06.16 PM Jun 02, 2008) pyecam (09.26 AM Jun 07, 2008).pyecam (04.44 AM Jun 03, 2008).pyecam (05.55 PM Jun 05, 2008).
pyecam (03.37 PM Jun 07, 2008).pyecam (10.36 AM Jun 06, 2008).pyecam (12.34 PM Jun 07, 2008).pyecam (10.11 PM Jun 06, 2008).pyecam (03.08 PM Jun 07, 2008)
.pyecam (04.39 AM Jun 03, 2008).pyecam (10.08 PM Jun 04, 2008) pyecam (10.19 PM Jun 04, 2008).pyecam (10.00 PM Jun 04, 2008).pyecam (11.05 PM Jun 04, 2008)

.pyecam (09.38 PM Jun 04, 2008).pyecam (09.40 PM Jun 04, 2008).pyecam (09.30 PM Jun 04, 2008).pyecam (09.34 PM Jun 04, 2008).pyecam (09.23 PM Jun 04, 2008).
.pyecam (09.27 PM Jun 04, 2008).Fw: cute cam pics..

Mini-steamroller. We're that much closer to having Killdozer / Soylent green havesting technology, I tells ya.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) spent 4 hours reading into the Congressional Record 35 articles of impeachment against George W. Bush.

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