June 15th, 2008

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Writer's Block: The Eternal Nocturnal Struggle

Vampires or werewolves?
Werewolves, by a huge margin. No comparison, really. They're less fearsome and tend to be less sinister - can be aware of their situation, and stories generally have them doing something about it. Tracking their transformation cycle, seeking a cure and at the very least locking themselves in a room or cage in the hope that they don't hurt anyone else. (either by devouring them, or worse, spreading the infection / curse) Almost a version of the Hulk.

When I think of Vampires, I think of evil, soulless and ugly predators, draining people of lifeblood and spirit at the same time, rather than the"Tormented Soul fighting an addiction" sort. My mindset sees them as incurable and dangerous - never actually loving anyone, but rather preying on those who are weak or in need. Abominations before man and his god(s), just cruel, cold mockeries of what a feeling and loving person could be.

scotto monkeypulse

9318 - Sunday - Father's day!

Happy Father's Day! Beware the Ides of June!

Had a lovely breakfast at the in-laws. Got Larry a pair of nice cards, and a Micheal Buble' album. He seemed to dig 'em!

Lar made pancakes on the grill's skillet - they were fantastic... and the weather in the morning wasn't super hot... quite nice, actually. We sat on the deck and watched the birds of prey go fishing in the bay - one took off with a giant meal afte ronly a quick glance and dive. Post breakfast, we went into the house and listened to his new CD - it was OK - but I had been feeling rather ragged and zonked out on the recliner until BHK noted we had to go and grab groceries for the cookout later on.

I slept in the car as BHK shopped - we had to turn around at one point, as we'd thought that Adam and Joey weren't coming - we had to grab more dogs, buns, chips and soda-pop to keep the teens fed and happy.

I napped more at home, while BHK made Larry a blueberry/blackberry pie (and one for us at the house, too!)

Everyone showed up at about 7, I grilled meat for the team, Chris brought baked beans and slaw, BHK set everything up, and we ate like we'd just gotten the first meal in days. The folding chairs are going to get a lot of use this summer, I think.

It went well, and as the sun went down, the gang headed out and the sights and sounds of the evening began to rise up... frogs ribbiting, mosquitoes buzzing and nibbling, and fireflies lighting up the garden like dozens of will-o-wisps. we went inside, as the frogs were too busy singing to eat up all of the mosquitoes - the biters didn't stop other folks outside from lighting off roman candles and other fireworks. Maybe the smoke acts as a repellent?

Things seen yesterday and today -


we went to the bitter end - What's the asterisk mean?

saw some graffiti - cycloptic dinosaur and a bleeding heart inscribed with "never".


geese in bikinis

newtcam (20080615.2108)
Tonight, someone was shooting off fireworks, and some got caught on newtcam. In North Beach, any holiday is a good excuse for pyrotechnics.

Arbor day? Sure! National Pen-pal day? Heck, Why not?

I am feeling better a bit now that the day is about done - I think the nap may've stiffened my back more than help. Next time, perhaps just a sitting rather than a flat-out snooze will be best. I didn't dwell much on my own father today...just as well, really.

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