June 17th, 2008

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9322 - Writer's Block: How I got on LJ

Who introduced you to LiveJournal? Why did you first open an account or get involved?
lj-user ana mentioned it in her homepage's other journal, ages ago. I've long since stopped visiting her site, but the interest in having a writing hub online, rather than just composing stuff in html and uploading it to my website (what I was doing from 1998 to 2000; though hardly as frequently - maybe 2-5 entries a month) is still very appealing to me.

The community aspect, with comments and friend's lists, etc, was initially off-putting, but now I rather dig the sort of community setting, even though my journal is really for my own reference.  
scotto monkeypulse

9323 - Tuesday - man loses left side in accident, he's all right now.

The first estimate on cutting down the dangerous trees in our yard is right at $5000. $3100 for removing the two trees near the house (with the one near the power lines costing the most) and 1800 for the ones near our elderly neighbor's house. The tree guy said the one directly behind the house looks like its dying.

Second had the $3100 reduced to $2200 - we'll see what the guys tomorrow think. Still waiting to see what's to be done re: the Element's windscreen.

Had in-laws over for veggie meatloaf, salad and stir-fry veggies - all were delicious. (Larry had hot dogs - still doesn't want to try non-meat stuff ... not like hot dogs are all that higher in critter content!)

This Thursday the 19th is, according to WMATA, “Dump the Pump Day.” Residents are supposed to take advantage of metro in order to see how much money they will save on commuting costs for a day. They are also sponsoring a related contest to guess the daily ridership on Thursday - you could win a $100 SmartTrip card.

Thanks to an anonymous whistle-blower, a Walgreens pill-flipping scheme has been blown wide open, according to CBS. "Pill-flipping" refers the practice of pharmacies that purposefully switch Medicaid patients to more expensive versions of certain drugs for the sole reason of collecting more money from the government. Naturally, when this happens, taxpayers pick up the bill. Athough, Walgreen's officially denies any wrongdoing they have agreed to pay the government more than $35 million.

Open-Source Tower Defense is a Half-Life 2 Mod. You can choose from 4 upgradeable towers to see how long you can last protecting your castle against never ending waves of bugs. It's a project of OneEyed that is now opensource for everybody to use.

- Game Files
- Source Code
- Map Hammer .vmf file of the map.

Checkout the moddb website for more info over here.

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