June 21st, 2008

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9330 - Saturday

It's officially a change of seasons, no matter where you live, now. Summer, here. Spring seemed to be far more brief than Winter. Happy Longest day of the year, Northern Hemisphere!

Could someone explain to me how Obama not taking public campaign funds "ruins his credibility"?

Let's see--- today -

Shots! Quick and Easy.

Didn't get to Aardvark for replacement for Catan Dice, and pick up Illuminati: Crime Lords - probably tomorrow.

Went to Annapolis to go see Zohan - I didn't realize he was going to be some sort of superhero - more fun than I'd thought- had the requisite Sandler dumbness, but it was pretty cute. A few running gags ran overlong, but it was better than I'd expected. The beginning sort of put me in the mood to see Hancock.

I'm rather saddened to hear that Get Smart is poorly rated (almost as bad as the love guru? Seriously? That bad? I haven't seen, but can only assume the words fro Guru.) - I hope that Wall-E and Hancock bring something more fun to this summer's movies. I haven't seen Indy 4 yet either, but I hope it's better than the reviews make it out to be.

Pizza at the New Pizza Hut by ATW man - not the best - I think it made BHK sick.

Picked up the mail, and noticed our screener of Swarm of the Snakehead came in! (official site)

BHK and I went down for a nap, she is sleeping heavily. (Still wasn't feeling well) - I got up after an hour, and did some work on the computer for about an hour, and then played video games for about 3 hours - (Portal, HL2, and some game mods - Pirates, Vikings and Knights II and Zombie Panic.) Tossed a little Bioshock in for good measure.

not for the easily dizzy -

cooking in 3 D

camera 3 D

sail boat in 3D

tunnel dudes

old Dude 3D

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