June 25th, 2008

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9334 - Wednesday

Telecommuted in today -some slight bumps when Comcast passed out on us, but it was restored quickly enough, and I had the fallback of the cellular modem if I needed it.

Epidural went ok, painful, but hopefully productive. I got a bit panicked when I read the release forms this time (My heart rate went from 134/68 to 164/99 and back down to 139/95, once I focused. My average heart rate is still 119/79. - I certainly didn't want to die as the result of a pain block, and once gave myself a little self-awareness, everything worked out for the best. I spoke with the doc about my rattling lungs, and he gave me a cursory look - it seems like they're doing ok now, and the cough should be history soon.

Went to Mexico for a very late lunch (maybe 4?) and I chowed down, as I had to fast for the procedure. BHK didn't eat very much, but she had a little nibble in the morning.

Swung by verison for a replacement holster, but they said it'd take at least a half hour to review records and check on the receipt.. we didn't want to lurk that long, as my anesthetic was beginning to wear off and it was time to head home.

Saw the finale of Farmer wants a wife, and he took the better of the remaining options open to him, I think. i'll be interested if he comes back next year for "farmer wants a divorce" and / or "farmer wants a baby." Hell's Kitchen wasn't bad, down to two people I find interesting and both seem talented.

Origami minis for D&D. Cheaper than metals! To scale, too.

Note to self - Games that Are Worth Purchasing Solely for Playing Two-Player, but Are Capable of Supporting More Players

So many games that interest me seem to be 3+ player only (Catan, Stonehenge, etc) , it's good to locate that sort of list.

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