June 29th, 2008

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9339 - Sunday -

Spent the bulk of the day moving in our new couch, shelves and end tables - our house is looking more like a home and less like a dorm every day.

Mom contacted me re: my bro - it comes as no surprise (somewhat like agent "!".) - got to add another link to the mugshot page.

(Agent ! - 

Known otherwise only as "Malcolm," a homeless man who dressed in a garish outfit decorated with exclamation marks (possibly referencing his predecessor, the Quiz) drawn back to reveal his chest is actually a gilded cage containing a miniature jet with bird-like feet. Despite his odd appearance, he "comes as no surprise," which allows him and anyone around him to be unnoticed or any attacks made by them to be seemingly out of nowhere. He mentions his desire to find the element of surprise, which may mean that his powers of "stealth" are not what he wants; Malcolm finds the element at last when dying during the final battle between the Brotherhood and the government.)

Once we got home, we settled in and watched the cats enjoying all the new surfaces to explore. Newt seems to like the couch and the low end tables, Pye likes the bookcases, and more "cubbyhole" sort of spots. There'll be more rearranging before the dust has settled, though.

We watched the first half of Astronaut Farmer while eating celebratory Chinese food - food was good, the movie was less than engaging for me.

Worn out, we're heading to bed early tonight.

Miami Beach cops have busted a rolling whorehouse that operated from a $250,000 bus and offered riders who paid a $40 cover charge lap dances and assorted sex acts.

via defective yeti, and I agree -

Why I love Wikipedia: "When invigorated by spinach, Popeye can lift or press about 36 tons. [citation needed]"

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