July 1st, 2008

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Writer's Block: Awesome Openers

What are some gripping opening lines from films or books, and why do you think they work so well?
This is Tokyo. Once a city of six million people. What has happened here was caused by a force which up until a few days ago was entirely beyond the scope of Man's imagination. Tokyo, a smoldering memorial to the unknown, an unknown which at this very moment still prevails and could at any time lash out with its terrible destruction anywhere else in the world. There were once many people here who could've told of what they saw... now there are only a few. My name is Steve Martin. I am a foreign correspondent for United World News. I was headed for an assignment in Cairo, when I stopped off in Tokyo for a social; but it turned out to be a visit to the living HELL of another world.

Heck, Godzilla has a lot of great bits and pieces, but the opening to the original film is pretty straightforward about what's going to happen. Post-war, those words couldn't help but have meaning.

If only his name wasn't Steve Martin - but how would they have known that there would be a popular comedian by that name? Godzilla was released in 1956 - When the comic was what... 10 years old or so?
scotto monkeypulse

9343 - tuesday

We have blooms on our rose bushes - it appears that we have tea roses instead of the regular large sized ones... but BHK seems to be ok with that.

Garden progressing nicely - I swear that I can see the cucumber plants grow by inches every day.

My Life's current settings -

Spectra-Analyzer (Monochrome / 4-Color / True-Color / Thermograph / X-Ray )
MPAA Rating (G / PG / R / NC-17)
Kill switch (Off / On / Wanton Murderous Rage)
Weirdness Tank (Empty / Low / Half / High / Full)
Laugh-O-Matic (Serious / Satirical / Witty / Wacky / Insane)
Cliche Blender (Pulse / Blend / Puree / Oh, Ugh!)
Global Soundtrack Volume (off, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11!)
Personal Soundtrack Volume (off, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11!)
Batteries (Empty / Low / Half / High / Full)

If being captured and tortured makes you ready to be president, there's a whole Guantanamo full of candidates the Republicans haven't even considered.

I'm actually a bit fearful of McCain winning. I shouldn't be, but I was burned by Kerry and Gore, both of which I'd have thought had it in the bag.

Dave's trying to put me at ease - I hope he's right. (Though I am annoyed about Obama's recent campaign actions, too - the aforementioned Supreme Court tossing the D.C. gun ban / Obama’s faith based initiatives / pandering like flags on lapels and "values" as part of a campaign ads.)

Ray Harryhausen turned 88 a couple of days ago - I thought he had passed on. I'm glad I was wrong.

Looks like our condo issues are about up, now. The new management company has contacted us, our bill to be paid actually has an itemized list we can agree with, and it should be smoother sailing as far as that building is concerned.

I'm often surprised when I meet people who are... well, to put it in gaming terms, "built on a lot more or a good deal fewer points" than me. I keep myself in the thought of "everyone is created equal", but it's really just not true. I've met a couple of people that are practically super-heroes, and pulp-style doc savage types, at that. (I worked with his opposite number at the library, years ago, too) Here and there I come across a person who is amazingly put together - talented, good-natured, physically, socially and mentally fit. Granted, it's not often that this happens - I figure most people have at least one or two attributes that are at least along the mean, if not sub-par. Then there's the other side of things... someone who is neither kind to the eyes, particularly intelligent, healthy or easy to get along with. How did they get such a short end of the stick?

I know it's a pipe dream, but shouldn't everyone be beautiful and ugly somewhere obvious after talking to them for a moment or thirty? When I get blindsided by folks falling on one side of the bell curve or the other, I have this need to find something contrary to the rest of the model... and I get a little distressed if I can't spot the hidden flaw or silver lining of the cloud. I know it won't always be obvious, like Hawking's mind trapped in his body (or Anna Nicole Smith's Body [at prime] trapped containing its brain.) Those two aren't the best examples as I've never met either before, but I suspect that they're fair ones.

I think that the first thing most gamers do when given a system of measuring certain skills and abilities is to build themselves, just to see where they stand. (or, if you're extra goofy like I am, you'll do your whole game group, and then compare notes.)

Last night, while watching Astronaut Farmer - Chris asked if the main character was going to die. My answer of "yes, eventually" was not well received.

Ten original designs have been submitted in the 8th Icehouse Game Design Competition, and anyone willing to rank at least two of the ten designs is welcome to serve as a judge. The deadline for judging is July 18th. For details on judging, as well as links to all of the designs, head to the Icehouse Game Design page. (I don't have any entries this time, but Logger looks fun, at least in theory, as does Ambush.)

I most certainly prefer German-type boardgames (somewhat abstract, largely non-confrontational, and relatively short in playing time), rather than American-style (games that are heavy in theme, aggressive, and requiring an entire evening to play.)

That said, I think we're going to slow down on our game purchases now - our closet is pretty full. I'd like to trot out a few games for the 3-4th of July time off, especially since we'll have Alan, Jesus, The Mama, Chris, Larry, BHK and me available to play, plus the possibility of Tina and Matt. I suspect it'll turn into Apples to Apples fest, but I'd like a few other 3+ player games to get a workout then too... maybe Witch Trial or Super Munchkin would be fun and easy enough for a bigger crew... I'd even like to see a mob-sized Carcassone H&G game.

Other Possibilities are Clue, Aquarius, and Fluxx (Zombie, eco, family or regular... or a mix!)

I doubt we could get 'em to do Chrononauts. That'll be for when Amy comes over. BHK and I love it, but the gang might not be into the learning part. (same for Crime Lords or Arkham Horror )

We could play Werewolf if we get at least 8 people that want to play. It'd be better with 13... I wonder where Adam, Eric, Jimmy and Joe will be this weekend?)

Speaking of Gaming -
Game Table Online is moving from subscription-based play to free, open gaming for all users as of July 1. (Lord of The Fries ! Kill Dr. Lucky !

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