July 6th, 2008

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9349 - Sunday -

Watched the last episodes of New Amsterdam - I can almost see where they got the cancellation notice, and decided to stop effort in the writing. and Burn NoticePsych are both coming back in the summer (this week and next, I think), so I figure that Amsterdam would've fallen out of rotation, anyhow.

Caught another 10-20 of Duck, you Sucker (Or A Fist Full of Dynamite), (158 minutes!) - I don't know if I could sit through it all in one sitting. I like spaghetti westerns, but this one is best taken in smaller doses.

New desk in the office - BHK and I went through more sweat than we needed to put it in and install it - my fault on that. But, we've got it in and it looks to be a good, sturdy bit of furniture. Slightly different angle on Newtcam now, but I'll work out the particulars of that later on. Seems like the cam suffered a little bit in transition - I can't get auto-tilt to work now, nor does the mic want to pick up. I still need to reactivate Pyecam - it's been sleeping for the last week or so.

Pinched my back and had a monster headache, so I slept a bit, and read some of the Planet Hulk hardcover I got from the library. I'm blessed by the fact that there's a comic book guy working at our local branch, and he hooks me up with just about anything I might like. He's been on the money more often than not, thus far!

The holiday was 4 days long, but it went by swiftly. Lots of junk food and time consumed at a mammoth rate. I'm going to hav eot be a bit better about that sort of thing in the future... first things first, clean up the office desk and then a MWF walking schedule.

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