July 10th, 2008

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9353 - Thursday

It seems that now that Obama has the nomination from the Left, he can pretty much as Right as he wants, as long as he's not quite as far Right as McCain.

I read this blog post, and I think it sums things up. Also, I just read that Obama voted in favor of a wiretapping bill.

Say what I may about Hillary, but at least she stood up for our civil liberties in that vote. Barack Obama did not, after promising us that he would. I am very disappointed in him right now.

Seeya, 4th amendment.. it's like I hardly knew ye.

The odd thing to me is that McCain abstained from voting on it at all. I wonder why he didn't go one way or the other?

So, do I want kind-of right wing, or full-bore? As always, I don't want any of the candidates.

Watched Be Kind Rewind tonight. It was a little ragged around the edges, but we both really liked it a lot. It reminded me a bit of the old movies that Steve Jacoby, Brent Ashland, Kevin Albury, Kevin Cummins, etc. and I made with Brent's video camera... Raiders of the Lost Sock, the Arthurian Project, and so on.

We have so many leftovers in the fridge that it is potluck night in Casa de von Berg. I opted for a blend of baked ziti and veggie lasagna, while BHK had sausage and veggies. There was much nom nom nom'ing.

Rob Richards has made a great site where he restores old animation backgrounds.

Sneakily added by bhk:

In other news my wife has chewed most of the blue gumballs in my Easter candy jar on my desk and started on the jellybeans. I take full blame---I shouldn't have opened it I should have taken it to work!! How could I have so thoughtlessly put that delectable candy goodness on my desk to tempt her! I think I'm just jealous because she has almost no cavities (only one small tiny cavity that she just got recently---probably from kissing my sugary mouth)---I'll make her a rot-mouth yet! MWHAHAHAHHAA!

Impersonating her husband in his own journal... for shame!

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