July 17th, 2008

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9361 - thursday

Made plans this morning before work to take BHK on a date to The Bengies Drive-in tomorrow night. Triple feature of Kung-fu Panda, Dark Knight and Get Smart.

From the site -
Warner Brothers has graciously agreed to send us a LARGE FORMAT print for our 52 by 120 foot screen (the Biggest in the USA) so we do not have to worry about the run coinciding with the full moon that occurs on that opening night.

It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun - I hope it cools down a bit after dark - projected to be 94F tomorrow during the day. I'm going to have to make sure that I change out of my work duds and into some comfy play clothes for our date! Unfortunately, cameras are forbidden, due to movie paranoia about piracy, but maybe I can click off a few pics of the place via cellphone.

Lots of Veggie options at the snack bar... Hey, if we're going to be there for 6+ hours after work, I'll be eating something for supper. I'm already earmarking a meatless egg roll and a pretzel with mustard for me! BHK will no doubt grab herself a corn dog. They sell "food permits" to bring your won stuff in, too... I just might do that, but the snack bar is pretty reasonably priced, and I'd like to support the theater. Back when I was Managing the Cobb 23 theater at Sawgrass Mills (Now a Regal, it seems) that was where *all* the money came from. The cost to lease the movies was more than we made in admissions.

That was during a period when I was either homeless or mooching Danny's guest room.

Speaking of the snack bar (they sell mosquito repellent) Looks like the Mosquito addition to Hive will be coming in next month to Aardvark ! (I was thinking about making homemade ones... and may still do something like it for other custom critters... we need a dragonfly, lightning bug and a ladybug, I think.)

Come to think of it, we could brig hive, or a card game to play if we wanted to to the drive in!

I wonder if they can do current format 3-d movies at the drive in? I imagine it'd be tough to implement non-color based 3-d.. and on the 3-d note - 2 current games that pop in 3d thay I'd like to try before I buy - Pipeline and Aapep.

Anyhow, long story short, date night at the the drive in tomorrow!! Hoody-hoo!

more info on bro - he got 2 years probation on the drug charges before being arrested on the grand theft charge. He plead no contest to the drug charges.

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