July 18th, 2008

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9362 - Friday

Drive-in date night! We arrived early - The place opens at 6:30, we got there at 6:50, after stopping off to fill the cooler with ice and getting fresh batteries for our radio. (You can listen on the car radio, but we're going to spend most of our time on lawn chairs in front of the element, I think. For funzies while we wait, brought catan dice, rook, canasta caliente. Other Drive-in supplies: bug-off, pen for scoring the games, blankets to sit on / warm under come the cool of late night, tablecloth to keep things neat, a ton of throw pillows. We'll see how much we need.

The back row of the lot is already nicely filled, but the front left is open, and likely the best remaining parking for a vehicle our size.

The playground under the screen is ample - folks playing bocce, riding the swing sets and slides - just having a good time. Our neighbors on the right are nice folks - The husband (whose name I've forgotten already...) has been coming to Bengies since he was a little boy. He's 53, now.

The snack bar is in full swing - Heading there now. More of a review tomorrow, dear journal!

First Pumpkin from our garden. It may be the last, as it's choking out the zucchini... but I hope we can keep at least a few vines and fruit for halloween.

Today was a "Code Red" air quality day. What a Code Red forecast means: Children, the elderly and people with heart or respiratory ailments, emphysema, asthma or chronic bronchitis should reduce outdoor activities. Healthy people should limit strenuous outdoor work or exercise.

The upside of that is that the buses ran for free today - a response to get people to take mass transit rather than pollute the air more, especially during peak hours. they don't seem to publicise that very well, as no more or fewer folks were on the roads or on my bus today than any other.

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