July 23rd, 2008

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9369 - Wednesday

Chinese dinner tonight with BHK, and the In-laws. We watched Definitely, Maybe, and I thought it wasn't bad at all for a "chick flick." Good amount of schmaltz, not a bad vehicle for a slice of life info. I still think he's a swine, re: the book... he had postcards and whatnot.

Next on our netflix list - Machine Girl. Hopefully, BHK will enjoy that as much as I enjoyed tonight's feature.

Pointless Scotto trivia of the moment - animal crackers eaten today, roughly in the order consumed.

whole -

  • gorilla
  • hippo x 2
  • seal
  • monkey
  • tiger
  • polar bear x 3
  • horse
  • lion
  • rhino
  • zebra
  • koala 2
  • sheep 2
  • kangaroo
  • camel

partials -

  • 3-legged tiger
  • tailless kangaroo
  • headless lion

amazing number of intact critters in my barnum box. (60g) Sadly, no elephants. I've been to the circus, and always seen ellies - can't say the same about koalas or polar bears, though they are both adorable and cool, too.

Come to think of it, I've never seen a hippo or rhino at the circus, either. Or a gorilla. (well, maybe a clown in a gorilla suit) What are they trying to pull??


4th of July ATW man - note his pop-eyes, manic grin, and huge firecracker.
seen on the way home after Journey 3-d last night

beans for dinner tonight!!

Today's harvest - Looks like beans for dinner tomorrow!

also shown, first tomato of the season, cukes, eggplant, and a sneaky, slimy okra.

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