July 25th, 2008

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9371 - Friday

I am so thankful that today is Friday... I'm ready for a weekend. Lots of hustling around, getting ducks in a row, lately at work.

Dagwood night! BHK sneakily added Bethesda, MD -centric Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants to Netflix, and I suspect that'll be what we watch, rather than Machine Girl, given that the in-laws are coming over... It also seems that she bumped up Introducing the Dwights, which I'm actually fairly interested in seeing.

The longer I wait to see Indiana Jones 4, the less I even want to see it. My mind will likely be changed once it gets viewed.

Sandwich for me - Veggie Sub -fried eggplant and provolone, on fresh Italian bread. Yum.

Pye still seems to prefer to appear on Newtcam... and Newt lingers a lot in Pyecam's window. Go figure.

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