July 26th, 2008

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9372 - Saturday

Let's see... What'd we do today? Stream of thought - more so than usual.

Started out late to get shots... but just as well... the doctor was late, too... and we'd have had to wait, regardless. I beat BHK at Yahtzee 2x, she got me once, while we hung out. "Good Boy Lollipop" of the day was Cherry Cola. Item of note - I think of the weekly lollipops I get from the doc... I may've eaten 3. The rest are in a bag... at this rate, we may have Halloween candy worked out... not that I'd unload tiny lollipops on trick or treaters. Actually, I'd like to bail on the trick or treaters this year, and take Allison on a ghost tour, or hit a Halloween party... or even stay in upstairs, and watch scary movies with all of our lights out.

Anyhow, back to today. After the doc, we had lunch at Mexico Restaurant - I was so hungry that no doggie bag was required. A rare occurrence... I polished off BHK's last cheese enchilada, on top of my potato flauta thingums. The enchilada sauce there is fantastic, but variable, depending on the chef on duty.

From there we went to Aardvark, and Chatted with Mike and the gang... we missed seeing Tara this time out. One of his employees was very fun to talk to, and is interested in getting BHK and I to try out D&D miniatures gaming.. we have the freebie that was given out, and it looks like a hoot. I was admiring his Xorn and Landshark figures.. very meta, as I think that they started out as random plastic toys... If there had been a owlbear or a rust monster, I'd have been sure.

We picked up Tsuro, a few generic wooden pawns of different colors (red, black, white, green, a light and a slightly darker natural wood colors), and Issue #3 of Marvel Fairy tales. It's funny to me that BHK gets more comics through my drawer there than I do... I lean to trade paperbacks rather than singles these days. The Fairy tales series is cute. Each book is pretty self-contained.

Foolishly forgot to get ice cream at Aardvark, and cold stone creamery was out, so chik-fil-a milkshake did the trick. BHK got a tiny triplet of chicken strips... they were so good that she decided that she'd like those on a platter for her birthday. (She said "instead of a cake", but heck if anyone I know is going to not have a cake without good reason!)

Swung by the mailbox, got our netflix, and then got home, and unpacked our goodies, popped some corn, and got ready to play some Tsuro while watching Machine Girl. The movie has a great trailer, but the film itself doesn't carry itself very well... we stopped watching about 20-30 minutes in. We swapped it out for Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. It's cute for a chick flick - good excuse for 4 stories in one movie, I preferred the filmmaker's tale over the others.

As for our Tsuro games - 1 tie, bhk beat me twice. I think that it'll be a lot more random, and less strategic (it's really only light strategy - each game takes about 15 minutes) with more players.. the pieces are easy on the eyes, and the rules were a little unclear about the dragon tile. All the dragon tile does is tell who got to the bottom of the draw pile, so when cards come back, they get first draw. You can really just toss out the dragon tile, and the game would be the same... maybe it's better to remind folks when 8 people are playing - as they are knocked out, the tiles they held go back into the draw.

Newton and Pye did a terribly cute nose-kiss while we watched the movie. I'm very happy that they're so social with each other.

So, BHK won the games day by 3 victories to my 2 victories and one tie game. Nicely Matched.

After Sisterhood, we puttered watching the tube a bit... but now it's time to head to snoozetown. Until later, dear journal.

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