July 27th, 2008

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9373 - Sunday

Woke up slowly, played a bit with Garry's Mod, which I find to be hilarious, went over to the in-laws for hanging out listening to the Eagles and O.A.R. with Adam and the gang, and then we had hot dogs, quick pickles, chips and etc for tasty happy fun time.

The quick pickles were from our garden -
today's harvest  <FW>

The cukes were a little stubby, but BHK's mandolin made short work of slicing them.

BHK and Larry took the Element up to the mechanic for repairs - It'll be out of service for 10 days, getting the windshield fixed and the hood / bumper dents removed. The trees still haven't been removed form our yard yet, but the time is approaching to do so. We've got the green ford as a loaner until the element comes back.

Planning for 3 big events coming up next month - BHK birthday, Larry's Birthday, and Larry & Chris's wedding anniversary. (not in that order.)

Larry's a tricky one - I suspect that a trip to see Good Deale Bluegrass (though Chris doesn't want to go) would be the best gift for him. New Neil Diamond album out, too. There's the Christmas Show at the Ram's Head... but that's usually reserved as a Christmas Present. Maybe at the Bluegrass show in Deale.

Larry and Chris is easy - a card and food.

I'm not going to spill any beans about BHK's b'day, as she reads this... and I want it to be a surprise. I'll let you know what happens later, dear journal.

BHK got back comfortably - we watched an episode of Fawlty Towers, and one of Burn Notice - now it's time for bed!

Until later, dear journal!

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