July 28th, 2008

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9375 - Monday

This morning's Harvest - BHK plucked this beastie before I headed to work.
picture of giant tomato from the garden!

If you enlarge the photo, or look carefully, you'll see Tsuro, Marriage material, Canasta Caliente, Rook, Kahuna, Balloon Cup, Catan Dice, umm.. Carcassone H&G, and nibs and nabs of other part of the game shelf. Some printer cartriges and screen wipes.

Looks like I'm going on a trip to Port of Baltimore either Thursday or Friday next week! I'll be in the field that day from 9:30ish to 2:30ish, give or take.

That's a good thing... my port knowledge could use a little visual update - my last trip through Port Everglades was years ago.

Polished off the Tim Powers fault lines stuff I'd been meaning to read again... I may have to get back to Fluke and polish it off this week!

Big salad and a side sammich for dinner tonight... those quick pickles are lasting a long time!

I missed a veggie hot dog eating contest?!?! I bet I'd have cleaned up. (via Mr T in DC )

Forgot to mention that we pre-ordered Monty Python Fluxx, Marian Fluxx, and Pink Treehouse at Aardvark's. Just doing our part to keep the Looneys in business!

Gentle night tonight - I got home, we unwound and hit the sack fairly early. Until Later, dear journal!

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