July 29th, 2008

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9377 - Tuesday-

The backyard cornucopia strikes again!
veggie mania
More from the garden. Pumpkin, squash, a ton of white eggplant, some skinny purple and green eggplant, tomato and cucumber. Nice mix of colors in the back yard!

BHK made pseudo-chicken in cream sauce with peas over a bed of egg noodles... side of green beans in sesame oil. yummmy goodness.

Middleman - titanic tuba episode is maintaining quality nicely.

http://rolcogames.com/ -cool site for pawns, little meeples, whatnot. The Game inventor kit is brilliant.

Matt Thompson has some advice for you: stop buying cheap-ish pseudo-generic drugs from Walgreens, Rite-Aid, and Duane Reade and start buying really cheap true generics.

As you might know, Benadryl (available at Walgreens.com for $5.29 for a box of 24 capsules) and Wal-dryl ($3.99 / 24 capsules) are otherwise known as "25 mg. of diphenhydramine HCI." Compare [with the true generic available at Amazon]. Yes, that is 400 tablets containing 25 mg. of diphenhydramine HCI, for about $10 when you factor in shipping.

Heed his words. Here's 300 tablets of generic Claritin for $11.00, 100 tablets of generic Zyrtec for $6.99, 240 tablets of generic Zantac, 1000 capsules of generic Benadryl for $20.34, 1000 tablets of generic Advil for $11.70, and 1000 caplets of generic Tylenol for $13.91.

Seek the Six - New Prisoner "puzzle" promo. Fairly slow loading a the start, but nifty. (I am number 952805... apparently it's not news to most!)

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