August 3rd, 2008

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9385 - Sunday

Off to a slow-pokey start today - I think we got out the door at something like noonish. BHK and I went on a little journey to St. Michael's, primarily to hit the maritime museum we missed last visit.

The place is a good bit of land to walk over... thankfully, much of it is inside and nicely air-conditioned. I liked the sense of humor that a lot fo the exhibits had... some fairly off-color quotes about sailors and fishemen. I wasn't totally wowed by the place - one visit was good, but I don't think that I have any great need to return.

The Solomon's Island Museum is a lot smaller, but they have River Otters (Two- Bubbles and Squeak) on site, which is very tough to compete with.

In fact, I think that BHK and I had more fun seeing the occasional wild squirrel, duck or jackrabbit than the exhibits.

Headed home, once we were appropriately sun-baked. Sundown on the bridge. We stopped at Holly's Restaurant for a little nibble that turned into a massive pile of food. I'd say the big win there was the cream of crab soup... french fries were a little soggy, and were the weak link.

Pictures from the trip - at flickr - for st. peter's church and bunnies and duckies and cute little squirrels eating pine cones and sunsets and bhk trapped in a sailboat thingie and my head being pinched by a crab claw and the ATW man looking all scary.
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Regarding the ram and the video card ordered yesterday - was expected to be sent out in 5-10 business days, but the vid card was already launched an in capitol heights Maryland post office by 9am Sunday morning. With any luck, it'll be in the mailbox by tomorrow! Not bad for freebie shipping!

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