August 6th, 2008

scotto monkeypulse

9388 - wednesday

Newton sunning upstairs on Pyecam - he loves going up there from about the time I leave the house to midday, when the sun has passed, and the heat-beam has shifted.


More images from this morning's Newtcam - BHK moved it closer to the ledge. clicks embiggen.

pink toes. newtbootypyecam. Fw: Lulled to sleep. Fw: Lulled to sleep.
noot2pyecam. newtleeppyecam. newtleeppyecam2. newtonpyecam2.

Tooth is definitely damaged - filling and tooth itself have pulled apart, and the tooth portion is loose. we'll see what happens tomorrow. Pain is ok - still only at medium headache level.

BHK and I have really gotten into following the blogs of a few WUSA9's folks - Kim Martucci and Angie Goff, specifically. They're trapped in a horrible blogging software called pluck, but once past that, it's really fun to see folks that are brand new at the whole on-line journal thing... and puts a more interactive and social face on folks you normally only get to see in a one-way medium of TV. I've mentioned both Kim and Angie before once or twice, and they both seem to be swell people.

ok, last timeline for the upgrade until they get here, or unless they're late.

1 item - delivery estimate: August 13, 2008 - August 19, 2008 - 2 gigs of RAM
1 item - delivery estimate: August 8, 2008 - NVIDEA 8000gt Video card.

Retronomatopeya … Flickr set of sound and movement effects from comics

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