August 8th, 2008

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9391 - Friday

08/08/08 08:08:08... PM

Nice day at work today - we took a field trip to the Port of Baltimore and a CSX location.

Some piccies - click to embiggen, as always, dear journal.

0808081417.jpg. 0808081406a.jpg. 0808081406.jpg. 0808081405.jpg. 0808081131.jpg. 0808081115.jpg

Nifty container lifts, a burned out building that was used in Enemy of the State, and some giant bumpers.

Got home, and... had some dinner! BHK made an awesome dinner of pizza and salad yum-noms!

Additionally, the video card installed, quick as a wink, while the pizza was being put to the last heating phase.

The 8800 GT is at *least* 4x faster than my old ati x1600 , and I haven't had any of the hot pixel problems so far now. The old ati x1600 still plays games pretty well. Maybe I'll put it in my server just to have a backup game device.

"A lady noticed her computer was running slower after she had brought her computer in to be repaired. She took the computer to a second repair shop where they found that one of the problems was that her webcam would turn on whenever it detected her around and was taking photos and uploading it to a website. The repair technician that installed the software has done this to at least 10 women and has photos of at least one undressing."

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