August 11th, 2008

boot hill

9394 - Monday

Dan sent us a pile of stuff after cleaning out his guest room. A boatload of books, a few dvd's:Batman Begins, King Kong - the newest one, Quest for Fire, Razor's Edge, Life aquatic - and a copy of Valley of the Mammoths - looks to be a good game, but he couldn't play it at the school's game/SciFi club due to some of the caroon cavemen having visible genitalia. (He offered to draw clothes on them with a sharpie, but the students prefer Catan and Aquarius anyway.

His loss is our gain!

To me, tabletop games are a form of entertainment; I play to play, not play to win. I prefer light games that are amusing in and of themselves, games that are pleasing to play and offer something besides the chance to earn victory. Sometimes I'm in the mood to sit back and watch math at work, sometimes I just want to push pawns around and chuck some dice, and sometimes I want to claw my way to the top of the heap. Abstracts, beer-and-pretzels, RPG, wargames... I'm not picky, so long as it's a fun ride.

I just found out that x1650 is the bare minimum of game cards for the next generation of goodies coming out this year. I gout rid of the x1600 just in the nick of time, it seems! I don't want anything to make it hard to run spore or fallout 3. (Or ghostbusters, when it someday comes out. )

Random Scotto factoid - I can chug soda or beer at an alarming rate. That is part of why I don't drink beer with any regularity.. it takes more than one to even begin to quench my thirst.

I sorta-kinda want to live in a styrofoam dome home. (at least as a little place or cabin out in the wilderness somewhere as a second home.)

Singer Isaac Hayes has died at age 65. He will be laid in his grave as soon as they find someone who can dig it. *badoom-ching*

John McCain: Enthusiastic supporter of spam.

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