August 15th, 2008

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Friday 9398 -

I neglected to mention that the love cube (our Honda element) is now repaired... they replaced the whole hood - BHK think that it may be from a different model, and she might be right. I haven't seen any good photos of 2006 vs other element hoods online yet, but we'll get to the bottom of it, if it requires us to go to a car lot somewhere and look in person.

Last night at about 5:30ish, there was a storm that knocked out power to both Chesapeake Beach and North Beach... not to mention the surrounding towns, too. No juice means no oven, and since I was still dressed from work, I figured it'd be nice to take BHK out to dinner, seeing as she's been craving meatballs all day. We tried Ledos, Asia Cafe and Mama Lucia's north to no avail.. apparently everyone else had the same idea about eating out... even mexico was too mobbed, so we continued onwards to Mama Lucia's south - The service was a bit on the weak side until BHK politely asked the waitress (while I was washing my hands in the men's room) . Service improved after that.... we got home and both towns were still dark, save for places with generators.

I used the flashlight on my key chain to get us inside, and we lit a few rechargeable candle-style lamps for some ambient light. We have access to a lot of battery-powered light - cell phones, pda, laptops, flashlights... I think we could go days without running totally out of lamp-juice. That said - I want to recharge the candle-lights, since we hadn't done them fully beforehand.The emergency flashlight and radio lit up the bathroom area nicely as a night lite - we opened the bedroom windows and went to bed, hoping that the heat wouldn't be too bad... it wasn't... but poor BHK didn't sleep very well... I was snoring big time, as the CPAP runs on juice, too. Next time, I'll bring the UPS from the computer room in to run it.

So, power was restored at about 2am this morning, and we were all able to get an hour or two's rest before it was time for me to get up and get rolling to work. I hope to catch a little nap sometime tomorrow in order to try and catch up.

See also - BHK's version of what happened -


Today is Chris and Larry's 33rd wedding anniversary, and plans are to hit Selby Sub Shop for a nice little nosh. We've got to pick up a lemon meringue pie and sneakily get it past the parental guards.

The longest service disruption in Netflix history has apparently been resolved, with normal service resuming today. The company will compensate affected customers by adding a 15% credit automatically to their next bill. via Physorg

Random pictures from the pyecam archive. of particular interest to me are the leaping/motion ones. No special preference is being given to Newt - he just goes on cam more.

pyecam (07.39 AM Aug 11, 2008). pyecam (09.03 AM Aug 10, 2008).pyecam (04.09 PM Aug 09, 2008).pyecam (04.37 PM Aug 10, 2008).

The above are all shots of the boys leaping to the top tier of the cat tower.

pyecam (05.49 PM Aug 11, 2008). pyecam (03.40 PM Jul 22, 2008). pyecam (11.15 AM Jul 26, 2008). pyecam (10.27 AM Aug 06, 2008).
Stetchy / yawny shots

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