August 16th, 2008

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Saturday - 9399

Yesterday's Anniversary supper went well - Today after my shots, BHK and I pretty much hung out around the house and chilled out. I installed the new ram into my system, and it chugs nicely thus far.

Once it got cool enough outside, we went for a long walk - from out house down to the bay, along the boardwalk... and then we stumbled over the in-law's BMG... so we gave 'em a ring to ask where they were. There was a classic car show at the "Worstlawn" Inn. Thankfully, the in-laws have the same opinion of the place as BHK and I do... so we went to Thursday's for dinner up the road. We parted company - BHK and I walked back to our place and the in-laws tooled off home.

A few pictures from the day - They can't capture how stunning a pink moon over the blue bay can be.

[I'll insert flickr pics here- after they're uploaded, and link back from a future entry.]

Some very interesting research out of the University of Washington that employs a method of using high quality photographs to enhance a video taken of the same subject. The project page gives a good overview of what they are doing and the video on the page gives some really nice examples of how their technology works. Hopefully someone can take the technology and run with it, but one thing's for sure: this could make amateur video-making look even better than it does now." And if adding mustaches would improve your opinion of the people in videos, check out the unwrap-mosaics technique from Microsoft Research.

via spence -

A great warrior wanted to test his manhood. Every opponent he faced fell before him. He heard of a fighting monk, an enlightened warrior who lived alone at the top of a mountain in a secret temple. He resigned himself to practice, perfect his skills, then find and face this monk in battle. It would be the ultimate validation of his mastery and abilities.

When it was time, he climbed the mountain and searched for the secret temple for seven days. All the while, he thought of the boldest, most offensive challenges that he would use to inspire the fiercest battle from the monk. On the last day, he came to a clearing and there he saw the steps of a small temple. On the steps sat a formidable man with the clothes of a holy man and a serene smile on his lips.

The warrior puffed up his chest and, with no introduction, began hurling insults upon the monk. The monk only smiled at him. The warrior redoubled his efforts, berating the monk for everything from his appearance to his mute stupidity. He questioned the virtue of his mother and heaped insults upon the sacred temple. All the while the monk sat smiling. After a time, the warrior became hoarse and enraged.

"Why do you just sit there like an idiot? Why do you smile when I insult you? If you were a real man and a worthy warrior, you would stand up to me!", cried the warrior.

"May I ask you some questions?", inquired the monk.

"Ask what you will.", said the exasperated warrior, hoping that the monk's sudden breaking of his silence was a route to engaging him and moving him to anger.

"If I give you a gift, and you refuse to take it, to whom does it belong?"

"It still belongs to you.", replied the warrior.

The monk smiled, "To whom do the insults belong?"

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