August 21st, 2008

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9406 thursday

Tasty dinner of stir-fried veggies on more naan bread, vegetarian meatloaf (mostly garden eggplant) topped with sauce saved from our selby pickup! Super good, and uber-filling.

Dessert was a treat of choco-chip cookies!

BHK's birthday weekend starts tomorrow, though her birthday is on Monday - I took the day off for us to play! ... I think we'll have a grand time!

Pictures from Last weekend. Larry's Birthday, tigger talking, and us all walking on the boardwalk. As ever, clicken to embiggen.

S6302209. S6302206. S6302203. S6302198.
Me with my standard popeye sun-reduction look, Tigger gabbing some more, and a BHK odd-shot

S6302195. S6302194. S6302191. S6302188.
Tigger talking, moon over the bay
S6302187. S6302183. S6302174. S6302173.
Pirate ship playhouse at the bay, bhk, me, and Chesapeake beach
S6302166. S6302163. S6302159. S6302215.
Laryy & Chris, Moonrise, Larry and Tigger

This last one isn't by us, but by another local named "this and that" on flickr... you can see what a difference better resolution and composition can make!

Bay Moon

Magpies can recognize themselves in a mirror, confounding the notion that self-awareness is the exclusive preserve of humans and a few higher mammals. It had been thought only four species of apes, bottlenose dolphins, and Asian elephants shared the human ability to recognize their own bodies in a mirror. But German scientists reported on Tuesday that magpies, a species with a brain structure very different from mammals, could also identify themselves. It had been thought that the neocortex brain area found in mammals was crucial to self-recognition. Yet birds, which last shared a common ancestor with mammals 300 million years ago, don't have a neocortex, suggesting that higher cognitive skills can develop in other ways.

I had no idea that "the shocker" (description may be NSFW) had a name at all.. I always knew it as er..., um...  "dos en el color de rosa, uno en el hedor". (Pardon the terrible translation.) I'm more of a fan of the Moutza as a rude gesture.

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