August 24th, 2008

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9409 - Sunday

Two years ago today I arrived in Maryland and was picked up at the airport by BHK. Pretty much a life-changing experience for me. Now, we've been married, I've been up here at the same gig for over a year, and most of the dust has settled in our home.

Despite a few stresses, I love it here, and would never want to be far from BHK's side. Newton and Pye are pretty great pals, with no real signs of antagonism between them. Work has its difficult moments, but for the most part, it's a very good gig. I can honestly say that BHK has been nothing but wonderful, supportive and loving the entire time.

At the moment, we're browsing the idea of looking at houses... we may or may not stick with the one we're in now. The possibilities are improvement, knock this one down and rebuild from the ground up, or hit a third location. All options seem equal right now.

BHK brings me so much joy and happiness... even when I'm feeling low or hurt, she pulls me up and keeps me going. The marriage proposal and response was certainly the best thing to happen in my life for a long, long time. I feel happy knowing that I'll be spending the rest of my life with her, through thick and thin.

I am thankful to Allison for making my world a better place. Everything that I perceive is a bit more wonderful because of her presence.

Today, we got up a bit later - in-laws came over to hang out. Chris and BHK went through BHK's jewelry box... she's got a lot of funky stuff in there, all of which is pretty dang keen. BHK did her best to keep her mother from acting the magpie and stealing sparkles, but it looks like a few items have floated back over to the mama-nest. We'll have to swing over there in a month to liberate some of them back. Meanwhile, Larry and I sat in the office area, and talked about his life on the farm, dogs, cats, hunting and so on. It was a nice bit of gab from Larry, who is normally very quiet... he everyone else first dibs on the conversation, usually.

We were going to do Korean BBQ for lunch, but that got ruled out in favor of another trip to the Selby Sub Shoppe. BHK and larry split a half pepperoni/half meatball pizza, Chris got a big ol' burger, and I got a black bean burger sub... it was all delicious, as usual.

We took the scenic route back, and picked out bits of ragweed, marsh mallow, and assorted sea grasses while taking in all the houses out back between Annapolis and home - some are really magnificent.

First few games on audiosurf - a fun little game that uses your music (or streaming audio) to build a racecourse to place klax-dr mario sort of brick building. Website explains it better, or the wiki here - it was on sale for $5 today, so we snagged it after playing the demo.

Inch Worm
The Sandpipers

Play Never Will I Marry
Linda Ronstadt

Punk Rock Girl
The Dead Milkmen

Play Happy Boys & Girls

Play Shreveport Stomp
Jelly Roll Morton

Unsurprisingly, I'm the #1 top scorer for Shereveport stomp. I'm also the only person to have used it in the game. We'll see what happens if/when BHK tries with her own login. You can see what tracks I've played at my computer here. (at least the ones it can recognize)

An AP story about the thousands of voting machines gathering dust in warehouses across the country after states such as California, Ohio, and Florida have banned their use. Many of these machines cost $3.5K to $5K each. Local election boards are struggling to find ways to recover any of the cost of the machines, or even to recycle them. The picture in Ohio is the most confusing, as multiple court cases limit the state's options and result in a situation in which the discredited machines will nevertheless be used in the presidential election coming up in November. The state's new (Democratic) attorney general has just issued a rule banning the practice of election workers taking the machines home with them the night before elections.

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