August 25th, 2008

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9410 - Monday


Allison's B'day! I buttered her nose while she was distracted by playing audiosurf. (Got it for $5 this last weekend.) I was a little disappointed that my mp3 of Christopher Walken reciting Poe's "The Raven" was so linear.

As a gift / party-favor to all for BHK's day - A GAZILLION Free to print and play games.

Oh BGG, how I thank the Internets you're there.

If you're not into free games, (or even if you are, dear journal) here's a stop-motion zombie movie called Chainsaw Maid. Best zombie film this year. (from the same people who did Bloody Date )

No Lebanese Taverna Tonight - Falafel time must wait - instead we hit Gallo's Deli - food is still pretty good. Not as superior as Selby, but only a block or two from the house. BHK opened the remainder for her loot tonight.

I got her an assortment of little trinket-treats - My faves were earring-studs in the style of mexican sugar skulls and a bottlecap pin with a pirate inside saying ARG in letter beads.... but I'm partial to things skully. I need to take a picture of BHK's loot pile - other items were a lovey charm, a ouija board pin, and a horde of coupons to do / get things, from getting me in a good mood to a movie night with no snarky comments. (2 nights, if neither are Jane Austen-related).

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120 years ago - A plant grows in Mexteca, Mexico, which the natives call the "herb of prophecy." A dose of it produces sleep similar in all respects to the hypnotic state. The subject answers with closed eyes all questions that are put to him, and is completely insensible. The pathologic state brings with it a kind of prophetic gift and doublesight. Furthermore he loses his will and is completely under the control of another. On returning to himself he remembers nothing of what he has done. -Excelsior Cottager, August 25, 1888.