August 28th, 2008

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9413 - Thurs

Sick right after lunch today - stomach cramps, vomiting and a bit of shakes afterward. I wish the bathroom at work was less centrally located.. I felt like I was broadcasting my problems to the whole office. Ah well... no helping that.

Watched season opener for Eureka last night and the start of Death at a Funeral. (spoilers on page - don't read, unless you care to know.) Both were pretty standard fare for the genre, but entertaining nonetheless. Product placement in Eureka - interesting... I was surprised that we watched it last night -was rather expecting it to be a "see the whole season prerecorded after it's ended" sort of thing. As for the movie, it's always nice to see Peter Dinklage.

BHK made salad and queso for me, and had some left over chik-fil-a strips in hers... it smelled wonderful, and mine was delicious.

The Book of Secrets, Back Home Again

I Used To Believe is a wonderful site where people share things they used to believe as a child. The vast menagerie of monsters that children create (most of which apparently live in the toilet) is simply amazing to me, and that section of the site is a favorite.

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