August 29th, 2008

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9414 - Friday -

Solid end to the work week - I was fortunate enough to have Chris pick me up at the office door, and take me straight on home.

BHK was there and we had red lentil soup and stuffed eggplant - it was really good, but I was feeling so well... needed a good lie down tonight. The in-laws could tell I wasn't up to snuff, so they called it a night early.

Dinosaurs I particularly like, but in no particular order - stegosaurus, triceratops, plesiosaur (maybe Chessie ? (and mosasuar ), apatosaurus(or brontosaurus, as I first learned it), ankylosaurus,and utahraptor. If I had a paradox-free time machine, I'd love to visit, or at least view the Late Cretaceous.

I never think about how frickin' huge the utahraptor was, compared to a human... I always figure it to be one of the tiny dinos... and it is tiny, compared to my other interests.

Well, my thoughts on a woman able to make it to the white house by having to be Republican may be gelling.

I search for a quick look at Ms. Palin's stances, as I really didn't know much about her before today. Aside from having some abuse of power issues. It seems that she's very strongly anti-choice, pro big oil and big mining, supports the aerial hunting of wolves and bears, anti-environment, NRA positive, gay marriage unfriendly, favors teaching creationism in schools. Guess which stance I'm in agreement with, dear journal? (Hint: it's the above the dividing line, and talks about dinosaurs being gigantic. I don't agree with any of those policies she happens to have. )

I'm not really all that worried about it hitting the election's results by much one way or the other - I suspect this will help perhaps a little bit for the dems, save for a fringe group of people that absolutely, positively have to see someone in office because her genitals are different than any other veep in history. (that we know of.... I'm talking to you, Elbridge Gerry and John C. Calhoun... I've had my suspicions.)

She just asked "What exactly does a vice president do?", on CNBC. A fair enough question I guess... but...

Joe Biden: "Governor Palin, I served with Dan Quayle; Dan Quayle was a friend of mine. Governor, you're no Dan Quayle."

Neither VP lights my candle. Palin (a self-admitted creationist) nor Biden (a proponent of stronger police powers)

Well, no matter what happens this election, *something* new and unusual is going to happen. However, despite my issues with Obama - he is still the one I'll vote for, given the available candidates. If it were John McCain of the 2000 election, I'd be more shaky, but given McCain's recent right-wing pandering actions... AW *hail* NO. Defective Yeti agrees with my feeling there.

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