September 1st, 2008

scotto monkeypulse

9417 - Monday

Pictures from today - Robots, fire, symmetrical homes, bay life.

clicks embiggen. Fire is a video. Of Fire. in a ring. where we made s'mores.

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Here is my labor day in reverse

off to bed early

opted not to labor too hard on lj entry

made smores in the fire ring

Mexico for dinner

Played some portal - finished bonus levels.

napped and lazed

2 mile walk, including the bay and a robot backyard

woke up early

According to identity management firm Cyber-Ark's annual 'Trust, Security & Passwords' survey, a whopping 88% of IT administrators would steal CEO passwords, customer database, research and development plans, financial reports, M&A plans and the company's list of privileged passwords if they were suddenly laid off. The survey also found that one third of IT staff admitted to snooping around the network, looking at highly confidential information, such as salary details and people's personal emails.

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