September 7th, 2008

scotto monkeypulse

9425 - Sunday

Better Walkies today - cooler weather - lady with cats in a screened in stroller (Abby and Gabby - her name was Merle), spent much of the day at home.

Adam paid a visit, brought Chinese food. Played some Wii / lego star wars, took it easy.

Additionally, we saw the polydactyl cats who were more than friendly and lovable - they flop over and show belly for petting as soon as we get within 10 feet of them. clicks embiggen as always. I think the white belly is pregnant. Are mitten-footed cats just more friendly? I seem to recall the ones in the Keys to be especially lovey, too.


Chewing on a bagel yanked out my filling and root canal. I now have a pretty big hole in my jaw - not painful, but after calling Dr Wolf, I'm to keep food out as best I can, and call him on Monday for an appointment - this was the tooth that was going to ge tthe crown, so I guess I may have more than two appointments ahead of me now (1 for temp crown, one to install perm)

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