September 9th, 2008

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9427 - Tuesday

Got epidural (ouch.), appointment with cardio, met with back doc, got spore, Mexican food and maggie moo's.

Wal-mart drew the last straw, and is now on the official boycott list - poor service plus bad business practices in the pharmacy.

While BHK was reading bergdorf blonds, I played spore - somehow I can't use the critter I created in the demo creator in a spore game -still investigating why that is.

Went grocery shopping - Cranberry sierra mist is back and I  got creme de menthe altoids - sad to see the mandarin orange mist gone.

As for walkies - we've laid out a reward plan - we have a bundle of space-critter buttons, and for each goal, we get an additional "merit badge" - after we get up to distance, it'll be repetition. My goal is 5 miles a walk, three walks a week.

So far -

5 badges each--earned

1 after 5x 1 mile walks---Allison got a space piggy, Scott got a red astro-kitty

2 after 4x 2 mile walks

3 after 3x 3 mile walks

4 after 2x 4 mile walks

5 after 1x 5 miles walk!

Recent walkies

Sat - 8/23/08 -1.5968  addl -~1.2mi (total =2.7641 counting whole day )
Sat - 8/31/08 - 1.7333 miles
Sun - 9/1/08 - 2.0166 miles
Sat - 9/6/08 1.2279 miles
Sun - 9/7/08 1.631 miles

Tues - Today - Before going to the doc - 9/9/08 2.0234 miles

Walkabout pics - mostly flowers, fruit/berries and birds along the view from the boardwalk - I really like the little red star flowers - forgive the repetition, dear journal - trying out aspects of macro and zoom.








Spoke to Brittney about getting serum ready for Saturday, and maybe an EKG at the same time. *please* let it be ready - this'll be the third week out. I think it's likely that we'll get some this go 'round.

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