September 16th, 2008

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tuesday -

quizmeme via silentyrs / phillykat

80 questions

1. What curse phrase do you use the most?

2. Do you own an iPod?
only as community property - BHK has one

3. What person on your f-list do you talk to the most?
BHK - we are married and living in the same house!

4. What time is your alarm clock set to?
4:50am on workdays / 7:50 on Saturday / sleep in on sunday

5. Do you still remember the first person you kissed?
Yup - I was in first grade - a platonic but "girlfriend" kiss - Diana Horton

6. Do you remember where you were on 09/11/01?
Yup - working the noon-8pm shift at FMM

7. Would you rather take the picture or be in the picture?
I'd rather take the picture.

8. What was the last movie you watched?
In the theater.. it was Tropic Thunder, I Think.

9. Do any of your friends have children?
Sure, a lot do.

10. Has anyone ever called you lazy?
I've been called that, and worse.

11. Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep?
Nope - I zonk off when I hit the hay.

12. What cd is currently in your cd player?
Well...In the DVD player of my computer, there's a copy of

13. Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk?
more of a soy milk sort, unless it's in ice cream or cereal. if pressed, chocolate.

14. Has anyone told you a secret this week?
I'm sure they have.

15. When was the last time you had Starbucks?
last weekend, when we saw the banana trike. probably won't go again for a long time though.

16. Can you whistle?
yes, but not well.

17. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
hmm.. "hey! that's a girl!" on the lowest level. on a more reptilian scale, likely to be posture, skin and hair quality

18. What are you looking forward to?
end of current work project, Halloween

19. Did you watch cartoons as a child?
sure thing.. .best excuse to vegetate until 10am.

20. Do you own any band t-shirts?
surly, somewhere. I think I have a rusted root and pearl jam shirt waiting to embarrass my wife somewhere.

21. What will you be doing in one hour?
having dinner / watching tv

22. Is anyone in love with you?
Yup! bhk!

23. What was the last song you heard?
something by smashing pumpkins - that "despite all my rag, I am still just a rat in a cage" pap.

24. Last time you cried?

25. Are you on a desktop computer or a laptop?

26. Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos?
not really. I prefer books and electronic toys.

27. What’s the weather like?
dark outside - partly cloudy

28. Would you ever date a girl/guy covered in tattoos?
sure - depends on what they're like, otherwise.

29. What did you do before this?
before... "this"? a previous life? job? page in my history? I was.

30. When is the last time you slept on the floor?
three nights ago - watching tv turned to bedtime.

31. How many hours of sleep do you need to function?
6, at least - I prefer 7.

32. Do you eat breakfast daily?
no, but I should.

33. Are your days fast-paced?
some are, some aren't.

34. What did you do last night?
see yesterday's entry. soup and bad dreams.

35. Do you use sarcasm?
Where effective, yes. not all the time.

36. How old will you be turning on your next birthday?

37. Are you picky about spelling and grammar?
I can be - it depends on the situation. more at work than on a journal page.

38. Have you ever been to six flags?
six flags atlantis in Florida, ages ago.

39. Do you get along better with the same sex or the opposite sex?
I'd say it's about even, with the same sex at a slight advantage these days.

40. Do you like mustard?
on a hot dog or soft pretzel, yes.

41. Do you sleep on your side?
usually on my back, sometimes on my side.

42. Do you watch the news?
most work mornings, yes, in the background, at least.

43. How did you get one of your scars?
back surgery.

44. Who was the last person to make you mad?

45. Do you like anybody?
I love my wife, and I like most people. if you mean crushes.. see love.

46. What is the last thing you purchased?
a diet cherry pepsi, I think!

47. What side of the heart do you draw first?

48. Can you dive without plugging your nose?
yes, though I haven't swum in over a year or two.

49. What colour is your razor?
black, with blue trim.

50. What is your blood-type?

51. Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours?
not anyone, really. I like to spend time with BHK, Newton, and PYe, but we all like freedom of movement.

52. What is a rumour someone has spread about you?
someone once spread a rumor about me having been in prison... but I never have.

53. How do you feel about carrots?
good in soups, make excellent weapons when sharpened properly.

54. How many chairs at the dining room table?
4. more if you count the bench near the back wall.

55. Which is the best Spice Girl?
Whichever one I've heard the least about recently... the blonde, I guess?

56. Do you know what time it is?
yup. on my computer dash.

57. Do you know all the words to the Fresh Prince Theme Song?
most, but all would come if I thought hard about it.

58. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator?
call for assistance, call bhk to let her know, read my pda until help arrived, hope I didn't have to use the bathroom.

59. What’s your favourite kind of gum?
spearmint or peppermint

60. T or F: All’s fair in love and war?

61. Do you have a crush on anyone?
wasn't that "like" above? T

62. Do you know how to use some words correctly, but not know the meaning?
Don't I need to know them meaning to use them?

63. Do you like to sleep?

64. Do you know which US states don’t use Daylight Savings Time?
Not sure. Arizona Hawaii and indiana, I think. Oops, got it wrong. turns out indiana does, now.

65. Do you know the song Total Eclipse of the Heart?
I've heard it - I couldn't play it on an instrument or anything.

66. Do you want a bright yellow ‘06 mustang?
For free, sure. May I sell it?

67. What’s something you’ve always wanted?
a happy home and a loving family. I have it, too.

68. Do you have hairy LEGS?
why, YES!

69. Would you rather swim in the ocean or a lake?
Lake, if freshwater. I pefer whatever is cleanest, and less polluted.

70. Do you wear a lot of black?
not really. I wear a lot of yellows, greens, blues.

71. Describe your hair:
short cut on my head - it's thinning on top, going gray on the sides.

72. Do you have Entomophobia?
I'm not too worried about bugs.

73. Are you an adult?
I am over 21, yes.

74. Where is/are your best friend(s)?
Upstairs, workign on her pc.

75. Do you have a tan?
a slight one

76. Are you a television addict?
not really - more fo a habit. I could drop tv for books and other entertainments.

77. Do you enjoy spending time with your mother?
in short burst, yes

78. Are you a sugar freak?
I like sugar, salt, savory and sour flavors in alternaing doses

79. Do you like orange juice?
freshly suzed, yes. from a tin, no

80. What sign are you?
 Aquarius / Earth Monkey