October 31st, 2008

2 - zombie scotto

9491 - Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Dear Journal!
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Current mood - Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc

Trimmed the 'stache to less sleazy-looking levels, but the whole goatee is coming back or I'm cutting it all off.

After work yesterday, BHK and I met with Adam and Eric for dinner at Hard times cafe. It was $4.99 chili mac night, so I was all about that. BHK and Adam got the chili dogs, and Eric took the healthy high road with grilled chicken sammich.

we spent an hour or two talking about politics, who is voting for what and why - I hope Adam finds his voters reg card. Eric seems to be allying with the 'phants, while BHK and I are leaning a bit more toward the 'keys. It was all civil, though, and we had a good time ribbing one another.

Played a smidgen more of fallout 3 last night... got gunned down severely while working under bhk's guidance.

NOT a game for kids... pretty graphic when you shoot a guy in the head - and a lot of dubious morality.

Right now I'm playing the high karma path... being nice, helping out. I can see going back and wiping out the town, though, later, just to watch it go up in a mushroom cloud.

Not going to do the trick-or-treater thing tonight - instead, we're off after work to the Edgar Allan Poe grave and memorial site in Baltimore for a little walk around the necropolis, and have a generally spooky time.

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