November 5th, 2008

fresh water - safe campsite

entry 9499 - New Things

Let's see - what's new?

Well, Shaun W came over for supper with BHK and me - veggie/stuffed cabbage, mac & cheese, and a ton of snacks.

Played -

Monty Python Fluxx - Cute game, I like it! Shaun Won.

Early American Chrononauts - A classic - BHK won.

The a-MAZE-ing labyrinth - BHK won, yet again.

Me, I got a good dinner and some fun chitty-chat time with folks. I'm good :)

Oh yeah, and Obama swept the presidential election! Good on you, Big O! He's got a lot of work ahead of him - I hope he's up to the task!

We may make game night a semi-regular occurrence, but I can't do the past 11pm thing on a "school night". Staying up late for the election was a special circumstance, and I'm glad I did.

Additional - looks like it's time for a new power supply for D1000y ( ) . While I was dressing for work this morning, BHK called me over to have a whiff - the poor guy smells like burning christmas tree lights. I rather hope it's just the PSU - and nothing else major. Until a fix or replace, surfing from pyecam lappie, I guess!