November 8th, 2008

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9505 - Saturday

Beard all the way off today! Zip-zip! Not sure when it'll be back, but I wager it'll return eventually.

Shots were a little rough - I think Danielle was preoccupied.

A couple of nifty things today -

installed the new power supply and fan for the PC today - seems to be going well - the video chip varies between 133F and 171F, depending on if I'm surfing the web or playing fallout 3 for an extended period. seems a little hot, but the blower cools the guts of the system pretty quickly.

Had a little late lunch, BHK made a wonderful early supper at 4ish with Jay, Shaun, Baby Duncan and the in-laws. - veggie "turkey" roast, stuffed peppers for the carnivores (with ground real turkey) roasted root veggies, pumpkin bread, and mac and cheese - really good stuff!

Chris and Larry brought chick-fil-a nuggets, and homemade baked apples - which were a hit with 1 year old Duncan.

Shaun and Jay brought some spicy deviled eggs - good stuff... I was the slacker, and just arranged crackers, olives, cheese, dip and veggies.

Autumn is hitting us like gangbusters... sweep the back porch off, wait 20 minutes and repeat. I'm not talking about just a few leaves, either - layers inches deep, in some places. The trees won't have much more to drop next week, if this keeps up.

The colors outside right now are beautiful. lots of oranges, bright reds and yellows. BHK and I are in agreement - we both like the trees that go through a progressive change, all on the same plant. green leave son the bottom, bright yellow in the middle, and darker orange-brown on top.

edit - added a pic of one - camera phone doesn't do it a whit of justice.