November 10th, 2008

Doctor here won't charge

9507 - brevity.

Left work a bit early today to hit up physical therapy. Got some ultrasound, heat and electrical stim work done.

I think heat and stim combined are the most beneficial to me right now. I'll likely go back to using the TENS box at home more frequently.

The exercises seem to be more beneficial - leg stretches, pelvic tilts, and some mild hip twists. - I did them when I got home, and I feel pretty good about it - let's see how I feel with morning tightness in play. I'm a little concerned about how taut my back is going to be upon waking tomorrow - I'm pretty worn out, and will likely hit the sack shortly. I'm going to continue doing the yoga and just add to my nightly workout.

Watched Big Bang Theory, while eating a nice dose of leftover cabbage soup a la BHK and buttered bread knots - good stuff, perfect for a briskly chilly night. The cats are sure to be in bed with us this evening for the whole of the night, despite Newt and Pye's evening house-run marathon habit.

Today was a good day, all told. My trepidation about going back to PT is fairly unwarranted, thus far.

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