November 11th, 2008

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9508 - just a psa for AVG & Windows users -

The popular virus scanner AVG released an update yesterday that caused their software to mark user32.dll as a virus.

Since this is a rather critical file, AVG's suggestion to remove it caused problems for users around the world who are now advised to restore the file through the Windows Recovery Console.

AVG just posted an update about this (FAQ item 1574) in the support section of their site.

Hopefully unconnected - NASA says its Phoenix lander on the surface of Mars has gone silent and is almost certainly dead. Engineers have not heard from the craft since Sunday 2 November when it made a brief communication with Earth. Phoenix, which landed on the planet's northern plains in May, had been struggling in the increasing cold and dark of an advancing winter. The US space agency says it will continue to try to contact the craft but does not expect to hear from it.

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9509 - Tuesday

Does someone ruin a hand or at least lose fingers in *EVERY* one of Tim Powers' books?

Stress of Her Regard - Yup (still reading)
Declare - mm-hmm.
Earthquake weather - yup
On Stranger tides - yes
Last call - yup.

Those are just the ones I've read.
bro has a tri-rail ticked on file for 10/31. neat trick, since he has been in jail since june. someone using his ID, or just a really slow process?
The spawn of the XM Sirius fusion emerges tomorrow, and Orbitcast has picked up the complete channel listing for XM subscribers that goes into effect in less than 24 hours. It's fairly grim for some diehard XM fans—a lot of stations have been erased (bye bye punk channel) or are being replaced by Sirius pseudo-equivalents.

No more upop? lucy? fred? ethel? high standards? soul street? Doesn't look good, kids.

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