November 12th, 2008

icehouse pyramids - one over

9510 - Wednesday

Just heard about the gaming thing up at Johns Hopkins is happening this weekend. Maybe I can wrangle swinging by there after going to lunch at paper moon with BHK and Alice. If anyone is in the area and of a mind, maybe we could have a little visit, too. I wanted to maybe get a little game time in with Cath and Haas, but schedules didn't work out for us - maybe this is a happy medium. Note to self, send a facebook invite.

Maybe BHK and I will get in a round of GURPS space? (noon to 5 - likely not. Lunch date, and all) Or at least a game of chrononauts or something in freeplay time. Maybe I should bring Hive or something small and portable to play..I wouldn't mind a quick game of werewolf or chez geek.

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