November 13th, 2008

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9513 - Thursday 2

Just as FYI - the prior entry was that of a pair of clowns being sucked into a pneumatic tube.

Was late to the Metro this morning, so BHK rolled me all the way in - we had time to get a hot chocolate and a cinnamon cake, one or both of which made us both a little on the ill side come 10:30/11am. Last strike for that place - just as well, since *$ is a real money sink, and the tassimo makes better coffee and hot chocolate.

Work was steady today - and I'm brushing up on my Bash shell script powers - perl wasn't the way to go on one of my projects, it seems. I'm developing new skills in GPG as well, out of necessity.

Lunch of veggie "turkey" roast on pumpernickel with gouda and spicy mustard did just the trick. root veggies make me happy too. Pumpkin pie yogurt is still weird, but November appropriate. Banana was out of sync, but yummy.

Recently St. Lucie County in Florida announced that it has teamed up with Geoplasma to develop the United States' first plasma gasification plant. The plant will use super-hot 10,000 degree Fahrenheit plasma to effectively vaporize 1,500 tons of trash each day, which in turn spins turbines to generate 60MW of electricity — enough to power 50,000 homes!

- Is it wrong to think that it would be the source of a really perfect crime? What a solid way to dispose of a body, evidence, etc...

Topps announced that "WizKids will immediately cease operations and discontinue its product lines."

I guess that means no new Pirates, but it looks like Heroclix will survive.

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