November 14th, 2008

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9514- Friday


Friday- nice to see it back again. It was foggy beyond belief yesterday, and continues today.

Last night's supper of Chinese food from the Octagon was pretty good - I only wish they hadn't packaged the general tso's tofu in such a way that I got it all over my work pants and jacket while driving home.

Back was tweaking up something fierce - I wonder if the barometric pressure was a factor, or all that fog?

BHK is using her super legal-powers to help with the condo issues - looks like we might get this thing ironed out after all!

While she looked up condo legal-ese, I did some back stretches,  overdue computer stuff, and checked out the demo of Left4Dead... that's a beautiful game right there. The artwork is pretty top notch, and I really like the team play aspect. That'll probably be my next purchase afte rI swim through Fallout 3 some more. Maybe someday I'll get around to finishing the later episodes of HL2.

In other gaming news, BHK picked me up a new gaming joystick via freecycle. Can't beat free hardware!

This weekend, we are likely to skip JohnCon, and instead go to Geppi's Entertainment Museum. (I wonder if my metropass will count for $2 OFF GO GREEN! Show your ticket stub for public transportation for that day and receive $2 off admission to Geppi’s Entertainment Museum.)

Lunch today of "chicken" nuggets and mac&cheese was dang tasty. perfect for a cool, misty day

Got off work, and the Element has recovered from the hit we took from the deer. It still smells a bit of paint, but looks good as new.

Traffic was HORRID today. It took us forever to get anywhere!

BHK, Larry, Chris and I went to Selby - I guess the owners are looking to retire, sadly. I guess we had better get the pizza while we can!

Scholar finds Mayans' buried highway through hell

The Washington Post is reporting that the shutdown of one hosting company has caused the total volume of spam to drop by 2/3rds. The company in question is McColo Corp. Both Hurricane Electric and Global Crossing pulled the plug today after a damning report revealed a number of illegal activities happening on McColo’s servers.

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