November 19th, 2008


9519 - newtcam / pyecam stuff

pyecam (12.25 PM Aug 19, 2008).pyecam (05.37 PM Aug 15, 2008).pyecam (04.37 PM Aug 15, 2008)pyecam (07.47 PM Aug 18, 2008)pyecam (04.40 PM Aug 20, 2008)
pyecam (08.01 AM Nov 18, 2008)pyecam (12.24 PM Aug 18, 2008)pyecam (04.07 PM Aug 15, 2008)newtandfrogonpyecam

Randomly found archive pics of newton and a smidgen of Pye on the upstairs pyecam - BHK's system took a little nosedive today, and while waiting for me to come home to fix it, delved into the cam server to see what's been happening. :)

Of course, now is as good a time as any to check 'em both out - as of this writing, Newt is on Pyecam, and Pye is on Newtcam, as usual.

Come Visit Newtcam where it'll refresh!!

Come Visit Pyecam where it'll refresh!!