November 20th, 2008

OK - All right

9522 - Thursday, continued.

A quick lunchtime fill-in.

More Flurries this morning - I've been having a rough time lately with my back and the cold, but it's getting a bit better as I go.

Moodwise,  I've been feeling pretty down here and there for the last month or so - Stress, back issues, and some poor gut-level stuff. I'm working on feeling better about things - I just have to remind myself that there is a positive destination in sight. I'm glad that BHK and the kitties are on my team, and that my teeth are all fixed.

Some good things ahead - 4-day weekend for Thanksgiving, Christmas is coming, Computer seems to be working well.

BHK and I have made some headway with new friends - The Manspergers and Shaun W. It's always nice to meet nice people and goof with them. Alice came out of the woodwork, and we spent the day with her at the museum after a spot of lunch at papermoon.

One or two of our other friends have dwindled into the mists recently - Who knows if we'll get a chance to hang out for the holiday(s) in the next month or so? I haven't really seen hide nor hair of Tina or Cyn - maybe BHK and I can lure some folks (new or old) up to Gina's Cantina for some snackies sometime soon.

Speaking of snackies - BHK made some pea soup, with a side of boca burger sammich (replay of yesterday's foodies).... good stuff, just right for the weather today. I'd best get on that.

In other news -
I still have no beard.

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