November 22nd, 2008

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9524 - Saturday

leftover goodies from halloween - visits with poes gravesite, and baltimore in general. clicks embiggen.


After allergy shots (and a chit-chat with Kendall's Mom) BHK and I went to Gina's Cantina for lunch and  took an extended walk around annapolis today - despite Britney chiding us for not seeing "Twilight" the sparkly vampire yet, we skipped hitting the movies.

I got a lot of christmas shopping done, but BHK didn't have my luck. Despite our having gone to a little computer show, I couldn't see any really amazing deals.

Spoke briefly with Danny this afternoon while on the road - apparently the new tolkien calendar isn't so great, just landscapes. I figues we can get him a better calendar than that for the holidays. BHK commented on hobbits in bikinis. It wouldn't surprise me if there were such a thing.

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