November 23rd, 2008

2 - crabs for christmas

9525 - sunday

Today I spent most of the day inside - cold out there, and my back is tricking up. I'm glad tomorrow is physical therapy! BHK and the inlaws did some yardwork in the chill while I did repairs in the heat, with the kitties inside.

Speaking of the kitties, I dreamt that we were in the green truck, returning form taking Newton and Pye somewhere - I had just off-loaded Newt in the house, when the truck drove off - Someone had made off with the vehicle and Pye! ... it made it about a block and a half before BHK and I caught up with it - turned out that Pye was driving, a la Toonces. I was dumbfounded, but BHK just snatched him up and brought him inside the house, scolding him fiercely. I remember looking at the cabin of the truck, and trying to muddle out how he accomplished it - BHK was more interested in telling him "NO! BAD KITTY! You're too young to drive!"(and this is true, as he is only 4.)

Picture taken on the way home last night - Christmas is in the air, already. Normally, I like to wait until after thanksgiving, but I love the more basic stuff... Lit up trees and misty nights.

driving home


and for the David Deboy fans out there - Crabs for Christmas.


I spent some time fixing BHK's laptop - the boot volume was toasted somehow. Fortunately, it was just a job for chkdsk /r and a little patience for the cleanup.

After the folks left, bhk made a mighty salad - garbonzos, spinache, cabbage, and whatever other good things in the house (pumpkin seeds and meatless baco-things on mine!), served with some beans and rice for bulk. It felt really good.

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