November 24th, 2008

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9526 - Monday

Feeling better today. Physical Therapy seems to be working out some of the back issues, thankfully. Mentally and physically in a more positive place - also, sundown was at 4:45 today. I certainly suspect that I don't have Seasonal Affective Disorder. I think that the dark and cold weather mostly suits me, even if I try to be a warm and cheery sort of person.

After PT we went to Mexico for supper. I was perversely hungry for Mexican food after seeing a filthy Mexican resaurtant on Kitchen Nightmares yesterday. The food was superb - BHK and I both sussed out that it was the cook that sometimes works in Lusby on the kitchen tonight.

My mom met Shannon and her possible granddaughter - (well, by proxy - Shannon is still pregnant, due in a month or so.) I'm still not sure how that's going to pan out.


Newt is really enjoying the ledge in the loft these days... one of the warmest spots in the house! I hope he shares with Pye, at least a bit. Hm.. somehow I doubt it. Interesting that his winter coat is a bit more visible than usual - likely that he and Pye were running around pretty heavily before naptime.


Physical Therapy today. Leg lifts, stretches, bicycle, and then the stim/heat combo that works so well for me. I needed it - I was really stiff yesterday.

Forgot to mention yesterday that Chris and Larry brought over a couple of preacher cookies for us... much better than the last batch a year ago - see archive below.

While I was fixing BHK's machine, I was multitasking a bit - catching up with scripting, listening to old episodes of Dragnet in the background - The radio show is really superior to the TV series. Additionally - I listened a bit to some of my old time radio broadcasts. OTRcat sent me a nice collection of Richard Diamond not too long ago in exchange for a link on my website - the clarity on them was excellent, especially given that the condition of the original recordings must've been a real problem to fix. I'll be looking to go back to him for more OTR goodies as time goes by. Dick Powell is no slouch as a voice actor, and I'm really pretty glad to have my collection filled out. (5 CDs worth of stuff, I've only begun to begin to listen. (I'm thinking about getting the Edgar Allan Poe Collection next - maybe for road trips through Baltimore)


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