November 25th, 2008

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Good thoughts and love to you, Sedef.

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I just found out that Lisa (Sedef) passed away on Sunday.

She was one of the most giving and loving people I have ever known - and that's saying something.

The picture is from when she and Weez came to visit Newton and me back in 2005 - my first time meeting her in person. Even more brilliant and full of heart than on-line.

Whenever I see a butterfly, I think of her - I'm glad that her fight to stay with her family lasted as long as it did - She may have been in pain, but was always quick with a kind word and a smile throughout it all. I'm glad she got for every minute she could with her family.

She and her family will always be loved and be held in the highest esteem by me. I will miss her, but her influence will always be nearby.

Thank you for being the wonderful person who I'll always remember. Good thoughts and love to you in your passing, and always.
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9528 - tuesday

I got so caught up in Sedef's passing, that I forgot that it was my Father's Birthday today. That's not even it... I didn't realize that today was the 25th until I looked at the memo for this afternoon's company meeting - Sort of a punch on top of a punch there. I'll update/ do the comparison thing tomorrow, probably.

I can't believe that in 5 more years, there won't be any more age comparison items... He passed at 44 years old - I'm 39, now.

BHK is working at the food bank tomorrow with Kim Martucci and co at WUSA9. I bet they'll have a good time doing good works - I wish I could go with 'em!

Got my Holiday scheduled for 12/24-1/2 this time around. I'll still be "on call", but hopefully there won't be many fires to put out.

Well, I'm ready for bed - BHK made some fantastic quiche to go with dinner salad, so I'm packed to the gills. Combine that with a little TV, and I'm zonked. I'm caught up with the shield, now - not sure what other tivo'ed things to consult next. Journeyman? Eli Stone?

I'm watching Dexter on the PSP during the Metro trip into work. 3 episodes in now, and It's not too bad thus far. I still really don't find myself sympathetic to him - still seems quite the monster, despite his only "killing bad people". I guess I just like my protagonist to be a good guy, and not a serial killer.

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