November 28th, 2008


Friday - Out-of-whack

1115081732, originally uploaded by scottobear.

Forgotten image taken by BHK on our trip to the Baltimore museum with Alice. I actually rather enjoyed the giant magnetic poetry room.

Still feeling a bit out-of-whack, but getting there. Did walkies today, and we made it to the post office, goodie shop, and candy store - maybe not the most healthy way to go for a nice constitutional, but I do love the sponge candy.

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out of whack (comparative more out of whack, superlative most out of whack)

1. (idiomatic) (generally) Wrong, broken; specifically:
1. Not in proper balance; unbalanced.

our priorities have gotten out of whack

2. Not in proper alignment.

the floor is so out of whack that the door hits it when opened

3. Not working or operating properly.

banged up left knee is out of whack

Alternative spellings

* out-of-whack

Usage notes

* The unhyphenated spelling is usually used predicatively, and the hyphenated spelling usually occurs when the phrase appears before the word it modifies.