December 8th, 2008

2 - xmas sleestak

9542 - Monday

Well, Today was sure a Monday.

Early this morning the sewer backed up into the bathtubs,and overflowed the toilets. Gross, disgusting, yuck. Some sort of pipe issue there, but long story short, I worked form the house today. Still had access to the internet and phone, but a shower was right out. fortunately, the blue house is right up the street, so we could stop by and use the facilities as needs, but it's still a hassle to plan ahead to use a bathroom or take a shower. This happened once last year, so the plumber is going to come out and replace the pvc pipe that has roots growing into it and replace it with something tougher - shouldn't have to call anyone to roto-root out the issue again, unles tree roots become armor piercing.

so, I worked in my pjs, until a break time availed itself, and I took a quick shower between phone meetings and data repair.

After work, I was already home! BHK and I went out to Homestead garden store which was all decked out for the holidays (see the wrapped tree lights, and previous years)

Saw toy trains at homestead gardens - attached a vid from flickr, via cell phone. It was cuter in person!

We picked up a few holiday ornaments, all of which sum up one or both of our personalities:

A resin santa in green, a pair of little victorian postcard santas, and blown glass versions fo a pirate ship, a gorilla, a taco, and a zucchini. (pictures to follow, no doubt.) We also got a present or two, but I can't speak of them here, in case they're reading.

The place was essentially empty - a wonderful thing when you go christmas shopping on a Monday at 5:30 pm. They're shoulder-to-elbow packed on weekends, and worse at this time of year.

Polished off the day by coming home, watching Big Bang Theory, and noshing on subway sammiches. (we opted out of chinese food, due to the latrine issue, and murphy's law)

The Plumber should be by tomorrow, first thing in the morning - and David should by by after work tomorrow night. We'll likely ge ttogether with the inlaws and hang out.

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