December 15th, 2008

bhk and scotto sleepy day

9550 - Monday - The IDES OF DECEMBER!

BHK spent the day polishing off our shopping, I think we're about done!

We hit Thursday's after work - food was a bit on the weak side - probably will take some time before going back.

Came home and mostly caught up with chores - I played a smidgen of fallout 3, folded the whites, while BHK got the xmas stragglers online.

Updside of cool weather, the kitties extra snugglesome.

We still haven't finished putting up the tree - lights are on, but ornaments and garland are still in boxes. Likely to happen next weekend, or during the week if there is a slow patch. I need to put together the orange juice car, too - and move pyecam downstairs for kitty/christmas pov video.

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